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The Uncle Bobs Club

The history of UNCLE BOBS CLUB dates back to December 1941, when a raffle book was passed around the bar of the Riversdale Hotel in Hawthorn. The proceeds were to benefit the Orthopaedic Section of the Children’s Hospital, at Mt. Eliza. Four gentlemen in the bar that evening were so moved, they decided to form a fund-raising organisation for the hospital.

The Club’s first association with the Good Friday Appeal was in 1948. The Good Friday Appeal holds a special place in the heart of every Uncle Bob.

In the 1950’s the Club expanded into the country areas of Victoria, with many branches and groups forming in a number of areas.

In 1963, Queen Elizabeth opened the new Royal Children’s Hospital at Carlton and still to this day the Orthopaedic Ward is named in honour of Uncle Bobs Club.

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